A New Home

It’s kind of hard for me to admit that after 3 years of being in business, I never sat down and designed/coded up a proper home for Esquivel Type Foundry. But hey, its always better late than never right?

The only home ETF has ever really known is my shop over at Creative Market. And for good reason too! Having a shop at Creative Market has allowed my career as an artist and type designer to explode with opportunities I never would have been exposed to if I sold my fonts elsewhere.

Luckily, that aspect of ETF will remain the same. All of my digital files will continue to be sold through Creative Market for the foreseeable future. The reason why this site now exists is because I feel that I’m leaving lots of opportunities on the table where I can provide more value and insight to the people who support me and my shop.

To put it simply,

I want to give you all free things and teach you what I know about designing fonts and show you all how to make cool things

I have plenty of things I have planned to share that hopefully lots of people will find useful. And the fact that this site now allows me to have a more direct line of communication with you all means that you will get to see upcoming products first and will be able to follow along the process of how I go about making fonts and other fun stuff.

That said, I hope you all stick around long enough to see what’s to come over the next few weeks!